…but thanks to you, I made it.

Anonymous whispered: why spaniards?

Spain: Okay?
Philippines: KKK

It’s because Spain conquered the Philippines for a very long time (333 years). What made it funny (for me) is that during that time, when the Philippines started to fight for their freedom, Andres Bonifacio, one of our heroes, created a group called KKK.

So there you have it, dear anon. I hope that cleared things up for you.

    the fault in our spaniards

  • rizal: ☁️ okay? ☁️
  • bonifacio: ☁️ KKK ☁️


*Aguinaldo has been made admin of the group Katipunan.*

*Emilio Aguinaldo likes this*

*Andres Bonifacio has left the group*


The hashtag #rp612fic is currently trending in twitter as the country’s creative and sometimes hilarious netizens flood their feeds with microfiction. There is a wide array of alternate history posts, some with references to popular media such as The Fault in Our Stars, Avengers, Doctor Who, and even local movies and celebrities.

This is in celebration of the Philippines’ Independence Day (Araw ng Kalayaan)on which the Emilio Aguinaldo, then President of the Philippine Revolutionary Republic, declared independence from Spain.

I wish my fellow Filipinos, Happy Independence Day! And so, I present to you some of these brilliant (and funny as well) microfics! See more here.

(If there are errors or misattribution, please tell me at once so I can rectify it. Thanks!)


Life goals: become Olivier Armstrong

can anyone please post a fanart of mage!kakashi reading icha icha paradise from a scroll?????


me after reading the book and watching the film adaptation

the word brown in filipino is kayumanggi or tsokolate.literally chocolate.